Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Regardless of age or profession, people have started to use tooth whitening methods as a means of improving their aspect.


Dental crowns are prosthetic restorations, made from different materials (usually ceramic), that totally cover a tooth (that has been previously sanded down).


Odontotherapy is the science of finding and treating dental cavities. The presence of cavities is considered to be an illness that cause the tooth structure to suffer damage and collapse.

Dental implants

A dental implant is a device in the shape of a screw, made from titanium or zirconium (inert materials, so the human body will not reject them) that replaces the root of a tooth.


On a day to day basis, we are exposed to radiation from various natural sources (atmospheric, cosmic) as well as from artificial sources (television, cell phones, microwave ovens etc.). All of these make up a larger amount of radiation that the one received during one or more dental x-rays.

Orthodontic treatment

When do you need orthodontic treatment?
1. Aesthetic problems – If teeth are crowded, rotated or if there are wide gaps between them. Most patients notice how these problems affect their smile themselves and will see their orthodontist on their own initiative.

Endodontic Treatment

At the Identis Clinic, root canal treatment is no longer considered a “blind method” because we now use the high performance, last generation, Zeiss electronic microscope to navigate the root canal.


Pedodontics is the ramification of dentistry that is aimed at treating children’s teeth.


Parodontosis is an illness that affects the tissues that holds the teeth into the bone. It has multiple aspects and it isn’t always for patients to realize they have a problem, that is why the starting phases are overlooked and an advanced stage is reached, signaled by bleeding gums, pain, or high tooth mobility.


Prophylaxis implies the ensemble of medical measures imposed with the purpose of preventing illness and their spread.