On a day to day basis, we are exposed to radiation from various natural sources (atmospheric, cosmic) as well as from artificial sources (television, cell phones, microwave ovens etc.). All of these make up a larger amount of radiation that the one received during one or more dental x-rays. Out of all x-Ray investigations, dental x-rays are the least irradiating.
Dental X-rays present a much lower risk than a dental problem left unidentified and untreated.
The IDENTIS clinic is equipped with a Planmeca Intra RVG system, that allows doing bite-wing and retro alveolar x-rays. The Planmeca x-ray system is one of the best systems in existence, having been conceived to support the continuous acquisition of images during the whole of the dental treatment. The control panel is integrated, thusly the intra-oral x-ray image is displayed on the desktop, which makes the procedure faster, easier and more exact.
PLANMECA INTRA benefits from a high wave generator with constant use potential, giving it significant advantages, such as:
25% less Rontgen radiation compared to a conventional AC generator;
Good and uniform image contrast;
Absolute reproduction of images;
The results can be viewed in minutes on a computer.
Also, our patients are offered extra radiation protection by wearing a Lumax-Kiran Medical System lead apron.