Prophylaxis implies the ensemble of medical measures imposed with the purpose of preventing and spread illnesses.

The prophylaxis principle is simple: it is much better to prevent than to treat. Here we refer to the chances of success, the implied costs and the time a patient has to spend to take care of his dental health.

To assure the health of teeth and gums, the bacterial plaque and dental tartar must be removed as effectively as possible.

How can we remove as much tartar and plaque from our teeth? The answer is simple: professional tartar removal at the dentist, followed by learning a correct brushing technique and using it at home, as well as using auxiliary hygiene tools, such as dental floss and inter-dental brushes.

Sadly, even with correct brushing, tartar will form, but in minor amounts. That is why visiting your dentist every 6 months for tartar removal + air-flow + professional brushing is highly recommended.

These 6 months visits have to be performed even if you feel you have no plaque or tartar, because these may be found under your gums where they are difficult to find.

It is even more important to keep these appointments if you have dental implants, as these need special attention, both from the patient and the dentist.