What is pedodontics?
Pedodontics is the ramification of dentistry that is aimed at treating children’s teeth.

At what age do we first have to visit a dentist?
Ever since the first teeth appear, dental visits are extremely important. Strong, healthy teeth will help the child chew easily, learn to talk clearly and won’t cause pain. Our doctors, equipped with patience and a healthy knowledge of child psychology, are able to achieve excellent cooperation with our little patients. Creating a relationship based on trust with a child is very important to the success of a treatment.

Are baby teeth important and do they require treatment?
Baby teeth are important for:
Adequate chewing and feeding;
Guiding permanent teeth into position;
The correct development of jaw bones and muscles;
The development of speech.
It is important to treat these teeth as any infection can affect the buds of permanent teeth, as well as the normal development of the jaw bones.

What treatments are recommended for children?
The prophylaxis of dental ad jaw anomalies through orthodontic treatment.
Cavity and gum disease prevention (fluoridisation, seals, pointers for correct brushing and good dental hygiene, control of bacterial plaque);
Treatments for dental illnesses line coronary obstructions;
Extraction of baby teeth when they hinder the eruption or permanent teeth.

At what age does the child need to start brushing?
Dental brushing must be performed by the parent after the eruption of the first baby tooth. After the age of 3, the child must brush on his or her own, under parental supervision.

What are baby bottle cavities?
Because of long term exposure of the child’s teeth to sweet liquids (baby formula, fruit juice and other sweetened drinks), toddlers can experience a serious form of cavities, called “baby bottle cavities”; these cavities advance very quickly and lead to the grinding of the entire dental crown, serious infections, and quite often to the extraction of a baby tooth at a very young age. The outcome can be disastrous: stagnation is jawbone growth, speech impediments, consequences in permanent teeth. To avoid these problems, parents are advised not to give toddlers and young children sweetened liquids, especially during nighttimes.

How often should the dentist should be visited?
Children have to visit the dentist once a year, even if they do not have problems with their teeth, so as to get used to a dentist’s office. This will prevent the child being afraid of the dentist, which is very important for his or her future.