Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening using the BriteSmile® Plasma Lamp

What is BriteSmile?
Regardless of age or profession, people have started to use tooth whitening methods to improve their aspect. Considering the fact that there are many whitening solutions to offer, choosing a procedure can be difficult. For a professional treatment that will give you a great smile, you could consider the benefits of the BriteSmile.
Colored or yellowed teeth can stem from cigarettes, coffee, tea, wine, as well as some foods and beverages. BriteSmile, as a tooth whitening treatment, has the ability to remove old stains and to offer you a younger, fresher appearance.

As well as giving you a confident smile, BriteSmile is fast and safe, offering long lasting effects. Results are immediate and you will enjoy a great smile in about 90 minutes.
The patient can relax and listen to music, while the dentist conducts the whitening procedure. In comparison with other whitening methods, like adhesive tape, home treatment or whitening pastes, BriteSmile does a fast whitening and multi-nuanced brightening of colors, post-op sensitivity being minimal.
For busy people, or for those that do not want multiple dental procedures, BriteSmile is very advantageous because you only need one session. You can even schedule the treatment during your lunch break and return to work with whiter teeth.

How Britesmile works
BriteSmile is a very simple yet very effective procedure. After a brief cleaning, a carbamide peroxide gel is applied on the teeth and a blue light is used to activate the gel, accelerating the process. The results are immediate and you will have your desired degree of whiteness at the end of the session. The dentist will explain the process to you, as well as inform you on what to expect in the days following your session.

Who can benefit from Britesmile?
The dentist will examine you beforehand to make sure there aren’t any other problems, such as cavities or demineralisations, as these need to be treated before the whitening treatment.

What type of care does one need after this sort of treatment?
During the first day after the whitening treatment, the patient must avoid consuming foods or beverages that stain teeth, such as: wine, coffee, tea, cigarettes etc. In case of dental sensitisation, the patient can use special tooth pastes, or follow a fluoridation treatment (at the dental practitioners’ office or at home).

And lastly, remember to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and hygiene, at least once every 6-8 months.